Ohio woman hit by texting driver could lose 8K in value on her new car.

Ohio – Kelly M. feels lucky to be alive, after her 2014 Ford Taurus was hit by a texting driver on Interstate 480 on Dec. 26, 2013. Now she’s concerned her new car will lose thousands in value due to the accident.

“I had no idea I was even getting hit, my car was on two wheels,” said Kelly. “He had to have been going about 70 miles an hour.”

Kelly’s new car sustained $7,000 in damage, the texting driver was cited. But she explained the other driver seemed to show little remorse at the scene just minutes after the collision.

“He was text messaging as he got back,” explained Kelly. “He was sitting there text messaging his girlfriend, telling her that he was in an accident because he answered her text message.”

Kelly told NewsChannel5 the texting driver’s insurance company covered all repairs to her car, but she explained Allstate Insurance has so far refused to cover the diminished value to her car due to the accident.

“I’m going to lose about 30 percent of what the car’s value is worth,” said Kelly. “I could lose between $5,000 to $8,000 on this car. I trade in my cars every two to three years, and now I’m going to be stuck with this car because it’s going to show that it was in an accident.”

In Ohio, accident victims can file a “diminished value claim” with the other driver’s insurance company. An independent vehicle assessment must also be filed with the claim.

In many cases the other driver’s insurance company will not pay for the independent vehicle assessment, which typically costs several hundred dollars.

Kelly believes the other driver’s insurance company should pick-up the cost for the vehicle assessment since the accident clearly wasn’t her fault.

“You want me to come up with $300 to $500 for something I didn’t do. I was hit by a texting driver who is okay today. His car is probably nothing wrong with it. Now I have my car and I can’t do anything. I would like to have my diminished claim value paid.”

News Channel 5 contacted the Insurance company about this case. The company explained its policy is not to cover vehicle assessment costs, but it is willing to consider Kelly’s diminished value claim if she files the proper paperwork.

Diminished Value Bureau offers car appraisals for Ohio Residents: