Diminished Value is the reduction in resale value a vehicle suffers after an accident or incident. With everything else being equal,  buyers will always choose an undamaged vehicle over one that’s been in an accident. In other words, a damaged and repaired vehicle will always bring less money on the open market than an undamaged counterpart.

Below are auction results for the same vehicle, date and location.  As you can see, for the same mileage and color, one vehicle is worth $2,500 less. This is called inherent loss in value and is due to one vehicle having a previous accident.

Diminished Value

How Can I get compensated for Diminished Value?
By law, the at fault party and due to their negligence, is responsible to compensate you for all direct and indirect losses. This is a universal right and applies in all States and Jurisdictions.

To get paid for your  loss in value, you need to submit a demand letter and an appraisal report to the at fault party requesting prompt and fair compensation for your loss. In many cases the at fault insurance carrier will send you a check for this loss, this is usually after you make a written request.

When do I need an Auto Appraisal?

You need an independent auto appraisal in the following situations:

  1. The insurance company is being unfair in their valuation
  2. The insurance company will not/did not assess the loss in value
  3. The insurance company asks for proof of loss
  4. When invoking your insurance policy’s appraisal clause

What’s the next Steps:

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